Ubitrak: Worry-free Compliance


  • Configuration
  • Shared management of internal security systems (logs, DLP, identity management, etc.)
  • Configuration example
    – Ubibox
    – Diagnostics and configuration
    – Shared service
A proven method
  • We have developed a methodology for analyzing and optimizing your logs, DLP, and identity management
  • We can either help you in their local management, or as a shared service
  • Best alerting, at a lower cost, by experts

Our internal security systems configuration services:


  • Diagnostic of your internal security
  • Log and security Tests


  • We could help you design your log, DLP and Internal security policy
  • Best practice recommendations
  • How to break your rule sets to gain months in the configuration


  • Solutions and hardware dimensioning and definition
  • Finalisation and implementation of the selected architecture
  • Ubitrak Pre defined rule sets integration (Best practice, PCI kit, etc.)


PCI in-a-box has the following optional modules:

  • Internal network testing
  • Asset management
  • Data loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Fraud management
  • Alert and log management
  • Vulnerability management
  • Residual credit card or confidential data search


  • We could help you define your operation or you could use our manage PCI in-a-box Services