Ubitrak: Worry-free Compliance


Ubitrak inc. differentiates itself by offering professional and superior quality services. We can therefore guide you in an independent manner, either towards commercial solutions or Open Source software. We can intervene in almost all aspects of computer security, from the response to attacks, to the preparation of Policies or standards, and even training. We work in both LINUX and Microsoft environments.

Here are some comments from our customers:

“Ubitrak inc. knew how to make our Certification rewarding”

– James Barnard, ENG, Softvoyage

Our senior experts

This has been made possible by our team of senior experts in either testing or accompaniment services. “Our Experience for your Security.”


We are proud of our independence towards the providers and solutions. We offer innovative methods to make your certification efficient while offering the best protection.

Security Strategies

To bring you to conformity, we take the time to accompany you in your choice of architectures. In the case of a regular project, we organise meetings to properly guide you, not only in your choice of architectures, but also in your choices of operations. We are conscious that you will have to manage your environment year after year.

Definition of the Framework

We are very familiar with the PCI DSS framework, but we can also work within the ISO 27001 framework, the MEHARI risks studies, or even help you in creating frameworks for security in the networks and use of your mobile systems.

Denial of Service attack (DoS) solution

Since our senior employees have much experience in the management of networks, Ubitrak also offers intervention methods in case of denial of service (DoS) attacks or theft.


As we are very familiar with collocation center operations, on metropolitan networks and others, we can therefore also intervene on these aspects of your operations.

Security Services
  • Risk Analysis
  • PCI DSS Certification accompaniment
  • Framework definition surrounding mobile systems (policies, test, configurations and training)
  • Security investigation in cases of attacks or theft
  • Reaction plans in cases of denial of service (DOS, DDOS) attacks or theft
  • Configuration strategies and choice of systems to increase the reliability of networks, systems, and their security